Banana Peanut-Butter “Ice Cream”

by Jennifer

Hello again, my cute food-blog readers!

I’m a college student, and on top of that both my majors are humanities related.  This can only mean one thing: endless papers.  I currently no longer resemble a human being.  I have been broken down into a pen-holding, keyboard-pounding, hair-pulling machine.  My capacity to feel any emotion aside from stress right now is both impressive and concerning. My humor has taken a snarky turn.  It’s truly a sad sight.

But never fear!  I have the simplest recipe for you and all your problems, school-related or otherwise!

This, my friends, is banana peanut butter “ice cream.”

It is simple.  It is cheap.  It is quick.  And it has caused me to react in pleasure with a jumble of nonsense sounds.

I’m both proud and embarrassed.  This is hardly a recipe, rather an idea that I heard from a friend and for some reason didn’t try until now.


  • 2 bananas, frozen (I would recommend peeling them before freezing – peeling frozen bananas is equally frustrating and painful, trust me)
  • a spoonful of peanut butter
  • add a splash of milk, if desired (I personally think this makes it more creamy)

Blend away.  When the entire mixture is smooth, scoop it out into a bowl and go.  It’s best eaten in one sitting.