Eggy, Airy Popover Goodness

It’s no secret in my family that I’m a popover fiend.


I’ll wake up early in the morning with the intention of making my family popovers, and even go as far as to tell them the night before so that they’re all excited to come downstairs and break open a warm popover in the morning. Then everyone gets downstairs and, well… I’m sitting there with jam on my fingers and an empty popover rack, making excuses like “I didn’t want them to get cold!” and “Don’t worry, they’re so quick to make I’ll put in another batch!” This happens every time, without fail.

My memories of popovers start early. When I was a little girl, my Nana would treat me, me sister, and my mom by taking us all down to the Neiman Marcus in White Plains, NY, where we would sit and have tea and the most amazing popovers. I never lost my taste for the light, fluffy crevices filled with jam or nutella or whatever, and the sight of popovers still makes me giddy and excited today.


They are best for breakfast or an evening snack, as they are delicious but not necessarily substantial. I used a mixed berry jam I had made myself – that’s a recipe for another day! They also go well with nutella, butter, clotted cream, or any other sweet topping you fancy. If you want a more savory version, feel free to put a combination of parmesan, rosemary, or spices in the batter. They are incredibly easy and fast to make, so there’s really no reason not to stir up a bowl and pop them in the oven whenever you’re in the mood.

Bonus points if you caught the pun. You, my friend, are welcome to stop by for a popover anytime.

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