I’m Jenn, and this is my food blog.

The Mission:

I’m on the search for a place to call home. I’ve admittedly caught a bad case of wanderlust over the years, and during my travels I’ve found that kitchens are an incredibly comforting place for me. This is my search as I set out to find that kitchen.

The Nomad Herself:

I’m a full-time student, part-time writer, and eternal optimist.

I’m interested in conscientious consumption, feeling good about yourself, and buying local. I was previously a vegetarian for three years, and spent a period of time following a vegan diet. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m food’s #1 fan, and I’ve never felt like I was “compromising” delicious food for an alternative dietary lifestyle. There are a multitude of reasons for my previous vegetarianism and  veganism, but I think the main umbrella I can put most of my reasons under is sustainability. However, I’m not here to convince anyone to make the jump. I encourage everyone to do their own exploring, whether that be reading books on the subject, determining your own stance on related issues, or utilizing Google. Seriously, google away.

I’m 21, a Senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and double majoring in  English and Communication Arts with a concentration in Television, Film, and Media. I’ll repeatedly tell you stories about my dog, even if you are clearly apathetic. I can unhinge my jaw and swallow meals whole in a matter of seconds, and I have never been known to hyperbolize.

I once had five espresso shots over the course of an hour and survived.

You can reach me at akitchentocallhome (at) gmail.com. I’ll try to respond to all emails as soon as possible.

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