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Cauliflower Soup

I have a theory that everyone looks good in fall clothes. Swap out your sweatshirt for a sweater – BAM! You could be in a J. Crew spread. Put on some waffle-knit as you sit down to eat your waffles – BAM! You’re now the heartthrob of many a lumberjane. In case you couldn’t already guess, my closet is filled with an arsenal of sweaters, skirts, and scarves. In fact, I own but one pair of jean shorts which I wear all summer, just waiting out the season so I can pull out my multitude of tights matching the colors of the falling leaves.

I could not be more excited about the arrival of fall. I’m disgustingly energetic, I have boundless enthusiasm for everything, and all I want to do is sprinkle everything with cinnamon. This recipe is just one way I’m going to infect you with my enthusiasm for all things warm and seasoned. I also have a little too much enthusiasm, so if I don’t share it I’ll explode. Come on, help me out.

This cauliflower soup has so many things going for it. It’s warm, it’s hearty, and it’s low in calories. Additionally, you can eat it plain (still pretty flavorful) or you can put toppings on it and get the most amazing mix of textures and tastes. I like to put crumbled corn chips and a swirl of sriracha sauce on top, as displayed above. Read the rest of this entry »


Pesto Pasta (with Spinach)

I remember opening my fridge to some strange foods growing up.  I’d look across the lunch table to see a kid with a ham sandwich and oreos, only to look down and realize I had pesto and pita bread, with a side of fig newtons.  To my small, 8-year-old mind, this just wasn’t fair.  Why did my mom always buy us the fruit leathers and not the fruit roll-ups?  Why did we always have pita chips instead of pringles in the cupboard? And lastly, what was with all the weird, unpronounceable cheeses in the fridge?  Heck, I just wanted cheddar.

Admittedly, this did me a lot of good.

It occurred to me very early on that just because I didn’t see these foods in my peers lunchboxes didn’t mean that they weren’t delicious.  I’ve spent the rest of my years loving every bite of unconventional food that comes my way, and snacking to my heart’s content on foods that do my body good.  I never had to struggle with balancing my nutritional intake because it now comes naturally.  Of course you can make an entire salad out of spinach, and it’s delicious too.  In the same way, you can put pesto sauce on your pasta instead of tomato sauce and reap all the benefits of basil and pine nuts while enjoying every delicious bite.  I live in a win-win food world: good taste and great health can co-exist happily.  Thank goodness for that, because I am way too lazy to keep track of all the food that goes flying into my mouth.

So I guess that’s the benefit of buying your kids nice, wholesome foods.  They’ll spend their whole childhood grumbling, until finally they grow up and realize that they lucked out.  Unfortunately, it’s still too late to take back those years of begging for dunkaroos.  Whoops!

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